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DSH International Trading Company

DSH International Trading is a Beauty and Wine Wholesaler with an unwavering passion for wines from Australia. We are 100% stockholders so you can be safe in the knowledge that all wines listed are owned by the company.

We update our wine list as frequently as possible; you can download the latest version below, or alternatively, you can register here to receive regular updates.

Premium Beauty from Germany

dm-drogerie markt offers a selection of over 12,500 pharmaceutical products to
its customers, stocking numerous cosmetics, organic foods, products for babies and infants, and household goods. Since its founding in 1973 in the German town of Karlsruhe—where the management is still based—dm has opened more than 3,000 branches in 12 countries across Europe. The company employs around 55,000 people and generated annual revenues in excess of EUR 9 billion* in 2014-5.

Wine Business from Australia

The Australian wine community today is founded on the explorers of the
past, who identified the optimal vineyard sites and the sophisticated
winemaking techniques that make the fine wines so special.

Australian winemaking and grape-growing are constantly evolving. Wine is the sum of its parts. There’s nothing like Australian wine because there’s nothing like the people and the places of Australia.